Name this NFL quarterback: 16-for-24, 101.9 passer rating, 175 yards passing, 103 yards rushing and a TD. It has to be the stats of a solid NFL starting QB -- or running back, for that matter -- right? Wrong. That is the stat line that backup quarterback Michael Vick put up in the second half against the Packers. And while Vick only started the second half because of a concussion to starter Kevin Kolb, many fans voiced their opinion that maybe it's time for Andy Reid to pass the torch over to the former Pro-Bowler full-time (especially considering Kolb's tepid first-half numbers: 5-for-12, 24 yards, 56.2 passer rating).

Yet are fans jumping on the Vick bandwagon a little prematurely? Put yourself in Andy Reid's shoes and decide who should be the starter in Philly. Vote and discuss below.


Kolb as the starter cost them the game...

-- chuccwhite

Sorry but when a "supposed" starting QB leads the offense to "0" yards passing while he's in charge guess what? He's not ur starting QB! Granted GB is hard to throw on, but Kolb did absolutely nothing out there.

-- kdakid

I would be very surprised to see Kolb benched after one game. ... Vick is doing a nice job, but I am pretty convinced Kolb will be the QB when he's healthy.

-- mrm87

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