We're not about to call this the NFL's Armando Galarraga moment, but we won't blame Detroit fans if they flashed back to Jim Joyce's infamous call after watching Calvin Johnson's touchdown get overturned on Sunday.

As we understand it, here's what happened: Johnson caught the ball in the end zone. He landed with two feet in bounds. He did a pirouette. He watched every episode of "Transformers." He brokered a peace treaty between warring intergalactic civilizations. Then, upon landing, he either lost control of or let go of the football. No touchdown.

Now, before you get upset, Lions fans, be aware that the call was correct, at least according to the NFL's official rulebook. Still, it's a heartbreaking way to lose a game. At least they didn't have the game-winning touchdown called back for holding or something embarrassing like that.


I disagree with the ruling, CJ did maintain possession of the football after he made contact with the ground. You don't have to stand up and hand it to the official in the end zone. He did not lose control of the ball until he got up to celebrate. This was an awful ruling and the Lions got hosed.

-- spryszak

This is a travesty. CJ catches it and is down by contact what more should he do? for as great as the game of football is and as popular as the NFL is this is just one more glaring instance of the NFL being broken. The officials are robots, the rules are ridiculously strict and it takes away from the players being able to play. Logic is no where in the rule book, lets just make it two hand touch and call it a day so no one gets hurt and in order to complete a pass you need to catch it, come down and spend a week with it in your grasp while riding a unicycle and doing complex geometry.

-- hambone191919

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