Boise State is a formidable opponent, having run roughshod over opponents in its trampling of the BCS system. The one advantage that seems to flummox opponents time and time again, however, has nothing to do with the Broncos' makeup, planning or execution. It's all about the Smurf Turf.

Yes, the Smurf Turf, the blue field of doom that the Broncos have made famous in their rise to prominence. SportsNation has weighed in on the blue turf before and generally is in favor of it, but Boise State's latest opponent, Oregon State, is so committed to accuracy in preperation for this weekend's matchup that it has spent $11,000 painting a practice field blue. Is this a good tactic, or does it mean Boise State is already in Oregon State's head?


Hey, if an anonymous donor wants to give OSU 11K to help prepare for BSU, I am all for it. Every little bit helps.

-- bhollandz

I Hate the smurf turf. Its nasty, and that's without the hundreds of ducks that die because they think its water. It might not be "cheating" but its close with those all blue unis. Speaking of all blue unis, i love the scout team wearing them. Getting the field blue is step 1, practicing against blue unis on said turf is step 2. We all know what step 3 is.... GO BEAVS!!!

-- coachtk9

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