David Price does not make Alex Rodriguez-type money (at least not until the Yankees sign him in free agency down the road), but at just under $2 million for 2010, he does make a good living pitching for the Rays. And might we say, pitching well enough to be a factor in the Cy Young race and a reason the Rays will be in the postseason.

But after roughly 12,000 fans showed up for a potential clincher on Monday night (the Rays lost), Price tweeted that it was "embarrassing" to have a crowd like that for a game with that much potential meaning, a sentiment echoed by teammate Evan Longoria.

Price later apologized, but whether you think he needed to make amends or not, his comments clearly riled up some folks in SportsNation.

Glenn (Fresh Medows, NY)

What do you think about Longoria commenting on Ray's attendance about time, out of line or too late given the declaration that the Rays are not going to re-sign Crawford

Joe Morgan
Joe Morgan

It's easy for me, Longoria and other people to criticize the fans for not coming there, we all make a good living. But there are people out there that can't afford to go. The economy has taken its toll on people. If we don't realize that, then we are the problem, not them coming to the ball park. A lot of people can't afford the hundreds of dollars it takes to go to a game. Even though there are some stadiums half full, I will not criticize the fans for not going to the games. There are a lot of folks that just can't afford to go and have to spend that money on their families. It's not just baseball either. It's all of the major sports. Full transcript

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