On Aug. 28, CC Sabathia gave up nine hits and five earned runs, including two home runs, in seven innings yet picked up a win against the White Sox. On Sept. 23, Felix Hernandez gave up two hits and one earned run in eight innings and took a loss against the Blue Jays. Who pitched better?

All right, it's a loaded question. Many people would point out Sabathia's start came with the Yankees locked in a tight AL East race and against a White Sox team still in contention at the time. Hernandez, on the other hand, was pitching in front of 12,000 fans wishing it was hockey season in Toronto. Others would answer that five is still five times as many as one.

Still others, namely David Price, would cough loudly and glance at the AL East standings and then at his own stat line ... and then back at the standings.

So a day after Sabathia, Hernandez and Price all won games, who should win the AL Cy Young? We posed the question in a number of ways, listing just the players, the players and their stats and just their stats. In all three cases, Sabathia got the nod.

M@ (Hattiesburg, MS)

As wide open as the AL CY Young race is, I haven't heard Jon Lester mentioned once, even though his numbers are better than C.C.'s. across the board, an equal to Felix. For instance, opponents hit .243 off CC, .213 against Felix and .214 against Lester. Did his flirtation with a no-hitter against the Yankees Saturday put him on the map, finally? Who would you give the CY to?

Joe Morgan (before Hernandez and Sabathia's wins Tuesday)
Joe Morgan

I think he's always been in the race in my mind. I like what Felix Hernandez has done, but he has won only 12 games. People say that he doesn't get support from his teamamtes, but guess what, every award is a team award. You can't win the MVP without your teammates. Do we look at an MVP candidate and say his team didn't give him a chance to drive in runs? The fact is that Felix has won 12 games and CC has won 20. It is harder to win in a championship environment in New York than in Felix's situation. Just look at AJ Burnett this year. Felix has done a good job this year, but he's not in the same difficulty level of pitching this year as CC. Full transcript

Scott (Boston, MA)

Whats your take on the AL CY Young race? Should it go to the guy with the best pitching stats (Felix Hernandez) or the guy with the most wins (CC) or the guy with the closest combination of both (Jon Lester)?

Nolan Ryan
Nolan Ryan

That's a good question. I would also like to consider the impact that pitcher had on his team being competitive in a pennant race. I don't know who I'd pick. Full transcript

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