Donovan McNabb said Tuesday that he anticipates hearing cheers in his return to Philadelphia, a rather optimistic bit of spin, even by the standards of his new home in the nation's political hub. This may not be LeBron James returning to Cleveland, but even if it wasn't McNabb's decision to leave, one Philly fan suggests a rough homecoming looms.

But will McNabb hear more cheers in Philadelphia than Michael Vick did last season in his return to Atlanta? Redskins fans can only hope this homecoming works out as well as that 34-7 Eagles romp, in which Vick produced a pair of touchdowns.

freddie (idaho)

everyone keeps talking about the reception McNabb will get in PA, but will he perform well enough to win or are the Eagles better?

Chris Mortensen
Chris Mortensen

I think it's going to be a heck of a game. Brian Dawkins told me in August to watch out for McNabb vs. Eagles because "he always plays his best with a chip on his shoulder." The key is whether Eagles defense can show some improvement. Also, something I'm anxious to see is that Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett -- who has come under fire recently -- is very familiar with Vick from his years as the Saints head coach. But this is a different Vick with different weapons. Full transcript

Matthew (Columbia, NJ)

With Vick at QB, do the Eagles have a shot at winning 11 games this year?

NFC East blogger Matt Mosley
Matt Mosley

I think that's a little optimistic. Let's see how he does against a good team before we get too carried away. The Lions and Jags don't count. I think they've combined for one win. The Packers saw Vick for a half but they hadn't had a chance to prepare for him. Full transcript

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