LeBron James returning to Cleveland. Brett Favre returning to Green Bay. Terrell Owens going pretty much anywhere he's set foot. Jayson Blair going back to The New York Times. That's basically the extent of the list of reunions that seemed less likely than Randy Moss going back to Minnesota before Tuesday evening. But a little more than five years after the Vikings traded Moss in the wake of a season in which he was fined for a pantomime mooning and walked off the field before a game against the Redskins was over, the receiver is reportedly returning to the Twin Cities.

A Packers fan who can't shake his affection for Brett Favre, SportsNation blogger tonyftucker notes pairing Moss and Favre would qualify as better late than never.

Al (Wausau, WI)

Bill, do you feel the Vikings will play better football coming off the bye in Week 4? If so, what do you feel is a realistic goal for them this year?

Football Outsiders' Bill Barnwell (before Moss rumors surfaced)

I don't think the Vikings have been all that terrible. Losing by less than a touchdown to the Saints and Dolphins, both of whom look like playoff contenders, isn't the sign of a terrible football team by any means. As for a realistic goal? I think you have to aim for 10 wins and hope that gets you in the playoffs. They've got a really tough slate of games coming up over the next month, so if you can go 2-2 and make it to the second half, the Vikings have a shot at going 5-1 in their last six games and making the playoffs with a late push, a la last year's Packers. Full transcript

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