We were sure the Rays were going to beat the Rangers before their ALDS started. Then when the Rangers won on the road in Game 1, we were sure they were going to win the series -- and we were really sure after they won Game 2. Now that we've reached Game 5 and the home team has yet to win? Well, SportsNation is finally ready to admit we just don't know what's going to happen tonight.

Blake (Abilene, TX)

Joe, with the way pitchers are throw Hamilton curve after curve and as hot of a bat as N. Cruz has would you switch lineup spots with Vlad and Cruz to have Cruz hitting behind Hamilton?

Joe Morgan
Joe Morgan

I think your idea is great and correct. But I don't think you will see a manager change his lineup in the fifth game of a Division Series. I think you're correct, but managers don't want to change something that's worked for them for most of the season. And they don't want to get second guessed if they do make a change and it doesn't work. Full transcript


I expect the Rays to come out swinging the bat and not taking first pitch strikes. Thats what happened in august when they faced Lee. They got away from it in game one and they need to get back to it. I also hope David Price learned something while watching Wade and Garza pitch. Rangers bats are afraid of curve ball.

-- TampaNugget

If game 5 is played at Tropicana, and no one is there to see it, did it really happen? Oh wait, the bandwagon lowlifes will be out in full force. Anyone else notice that it's the only time they bothered to show up all season and they were booing? They have a lot of nerve. What a pathetic fanbase. Longoria was right.

-- killahdelph
cowboys fan1982

If you had told me before the series started that it would come down to game 5 Price vs Lee, I think most Ranger fans would have taken that... The way it happened tho is hard to take, but in the end if Lee dominates as he has come playoff time, these last 2 games wont matter...

-- cowboys fan1982

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