It's not exactly a shock that the last four teams standing in the baseball playoffs are among the more statistically successful teams in the game this season. There's a reason the Pirates and Mariners aren't in this discussion. But in pitting strength against strength, the ALCS and NLCS offer two of the more intriguing matchups in recent memory.

The Phillies have their "H20" rotation with Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels, but is it really any better than Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain and Jonathan Sanchez, the top of a Giants rotation that led MLB with a 3.36 ERA in the regular season? And while the Yankees led the sport in runs scored, do they really have an edge on a lineup that includes possible MVP Josh Hamilton, Vladimir Guerrero and the kind of aggressiveness on the bases that befuddled the Rays in Game 5?

Andrew (San Francisco)

Halladay vs. Lincecum on [Saturday]... How does that rate among the best marquee pitching match-ups in recent post-season history?

Rob Neyer
Rob Neyer

Recent? Gotta be way up there. I suspect there have been plenty of matchups between future Hall of Famers, if you go back far enough. Probably not many battles between the two most recent Cy Young winners, though. Full transcript

Ray A. (San Francisco, CA)

Do playoff pitching matchups get any better than the Giants and Phillies?

Joe Morgan
Joe Morgan

Well, only if you're going to go Koufax against Gibson. But I would say in this day and age it probably doesn't get any better. But pitching has dominated the scene. [In Rays-Rangers Game 5], Price against Lee. There are a lot of great pitchers this year with great seasons. There have been a lot of great matchups. Full transcript

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