Game 1: SportsNation's burning questions for Ravens at Patriots

Mike (Boca Raton)

Why has Baltimore's pass D been able to hold up so well? Are they that good or have they just played one-dimensional offenses?

Matt Williamson
Matt Williamson

They have certainly far exceeded my expectations in this facet. But I also think it has something to do with who they played. Denver does throw on EVERYone though and did well this past weekend. I am not sold though on their pass D. Average pass rush. But -- Ed Reed will be back. Full transcript

Game 2: SportsNation's burning questions for Cowboys at Vikings

jeffrey richards (austin, texas)

do you think that now, after falling to 1-3 that if the cowboys do not make the playoffs that we will see the end of wade phillips and the end of tony romo era?

ESPN Dallas' Calvin Watkins
Calvin Watkins

If the team fails to reach the postseason, firing Phillips isn't as easy as it sounds. For one thing, the NFL might have a work stoppage in 2011 so keeping Phillips and his staff around is cheaper than finding a new coach and hiring a staff. Romo isn't going anywhere. He didn't have a good game on Sunday, but he's just part of the problem. Getting rid of Romo won't solve anything. Full transcript

Game 3: SportsNation's burning questions for Colts at Redskins

patricia (new york)

Even though McNabb's stats are less than stellar, he seems to do just enough to help eke out a win. And it seems like his teammates really believe in him and are raising his game. Do you think the Redskins offense will continue to improve and are they a legitmate threat for a playoff berth.

NFC East blogger Matt Mosley
Matt Mosley

I think anyone with a win or two is a "legit threat" right now in this sad little conference. I think Anthony Armstrong's improving every week. If he can be a consistent playmaker, it will really help this offense. Cooley and Moss have had to do too much. That running game also needs to bounce back this week. But this week's opponent has given up some big games on the ground, so it's possible. Full transcript

Game 4: SportsNation's burning questions for Saints at Buccaneers

chris (baltimore)

Mel, what are your thoughts on how Josh Freeman is playing so far and will he and Mike Williams be one of the best qb-wr combos in the nfl in a few years?

Mel Kiper
Mel Kiper

They've been one of the surprise teams in the NFL so far this year. That's tremendously impressive with their 3-1 record. They have New Orleans, St. Louis. I thought they would win no more than 4-5 games. They're already 3-1. Mike Williams has been one of the steals of the draft. "He has a ton of talent and has the speed to beat you down the field. He put up impressive numbers with subpar QB play at Syracuse" is what I wrote about him in the draft book. Full transcript

Game 5: SportsNation's burning questions for Titans at Jaguars

Doc (Nashville, TN)

I realize the Titans aren't a great team, however, it doesn't seem like they get any props from the football media. Did they not have something to do with how the Giants and Cowboy's played them. Did they not help them implode to some degree?

Chris Mortensen
Chris Mortensen

I put the Titans right on the cusp of being among those elite teams. However, the AFC is deeper than than the NFC. But with Vince Young improving at quarterback and the defense also improving, the Titans are clearly dangerous. I still say their defensive line coach, Jim Washburn, never gets enough credit as one of the gerat position coaches in the NFL. Their front four, including a good rotation off the bench, will get after you. Full transcript

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