There's been a lot of talk this week about shots to the head in the National Football League -- primarily of a "these are very bad and should be mitigated somehow" variety. Players have already experienced big-time fines for helmet-to-helmet hits, with more expected to come.

Somehow, we don't think that type of thing would fly at UFC 121. One of the main ways to win is a "knockout", after all. We'd imagine it's more than a little difficult to knock out someone by hitting them in the stomach (although we have no doubt that, were Brock Lesnar to punch us in our stomach, we would likely suffer a temporary bout of unconsciousness). The aforementioned Lesnar will be taking on undefeated Cain Velasquez this Saturday, which should prove to be a key fight in both fighters' careers. Top-ranked pound-for-pound fighter Jake Shields will also be in action, taking on Martin Kampmann. How will it all play out?

Belmir (DTV CC)

Who are you picking as winners this weekend?

MMA Live's Jon Anik
Jon Anik

I am discouraged to pick winners for UFC 121 because I will be covering the event. Lesnar-Velasquez is really a pick 'em fight for me. I want to see them in-person before backing one or the other. That said, I still lean towards the bigger man. If I were in Las Vegas and betting the fight, I would probably take Velasquez +150.Full transcript

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