Tim Lincecum is the two-time reigning NL Cy Young winner (at least until Roy Halladay picks up his award for this season). He's 2-1 with a 1.93 ERA through his first four postseason appearances, including 30 strikeouts and just five walks in 23.1 innings. And he's pitching Game 1 of the World Series at home in San Francisco.

And 78 percent of SportsNation thinks he's going to lose.

This is all the scenic route to saying Cliff Lee, the guy voters like to beat Lincecum in Game 1, has gone from pitching ace to something even greater this postseason. Lee is clearly the pitcher SportsNation wants on the mound at this point in history -- he may even be the pitcher voters want on the mound for all time. But is Lee the most clutch performer across all of sports at the moment?

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