One day down and, what, only 168 more to go? It's almost time to talk magic numbers.

Always the 100-yard sprint that starts a marathon season, the NBA's opening night took on a new dimension this season with the Heat and Celtics enjoying a playoff-like atmosphere in Boston. But with 81 games to go, instead of something between three and six in a playoff series, SportsNation blogger cvgolfguy takes some solace in the parallels with another debut flop.


The Heat came within 3 in the fourth quarter, despite the fact that dwayne wade was suffering through one of the worst games of his career, which was an aberration, not the norm. That's a fact.

-- brennangh

Nice win by the Lakers Last night! I loved our bench they really stepped up big time. And the Rockets got my respect they showed they really wannna fight for a playoff spot this season. But to me Shannon Brown & Steve Blake stole the night!!

-- RocAFella248

i am about ready to trade hill, lopez, and frye. Give hills position to josh or try to get carmelo, and get some descent bigmen

-- Mr Ntense

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