Game 1: SportsNation's burning questions for Vikings at Patriots

Chris (Cville, Va)

With Moss doing for Harvin what he did for Welker, i.e. opening up the underneath routes, I think stopping Harvin is the key to this game for us. Which DB do you see matching up with him primarily?

ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss
Mike Reiss

Harvin can be tough in the slot, and so the question to me is whether the Patriots go with the three-safety nickel package as they have in recent weeks, or try a corner on him. They haven't been using a corner in the slot lately, but it seems to me a corner is a better matchup than a safety. If that holds, it would probably be Jonathan Wilhite. Not a great matchup. I'd like to see them give Darius Butler a shot. Full transcript

Game 2: SportsNation's burning questions for Steelers at Saints

John (PA)

Can the Steelers succeed without A. Smith in the line up?

Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton
Gary Horton

I think he's a much bigger deal than the average fan realizes. This guy is the ultimate 3-4 DE because he's so good versus the run. He does a great job of freeing up his LBs. He plays the most thankless position on defense and the average fan would not know who he is. He's a key part of their defense. He will absolutely be missed. Full transcript

Game 3: SportsNation's burning questions for Packers at Jets

Jeremy Roell (Indianapolis, IN)

Matt! Huge fan of your work. Is there any chance the packers can rebound from all the injuries?

Matt Williamson
Matt Williamson

Going to be extremely tough. I hate to put it all on one guy - -and trust me, that isn't fair -- but I feel like this is a defining year for Rodgers' career. Can he really put this team on his back without a running game and with all these injuries? Not say the guy has to take Green Bay to the Super Bowl, but he could prove some things to me this season -- and I have faith. Full transcript

Game 4: SportsNation's burning questions for Texans at the Colts

Brian (Richmond, VA)

If the Colts make the playoffs will it be because of the defense stepping up or Manning being Manning and winning his 5th MVP trophy? I sometimes marvel at what Peyton can do with the ball in his hands.

Chris Mortensen
Chris Mortensen

I think both have to happen. This is as significant a challenge that Manning has faced since the Colts established themselves as an elite team. The injuries around him are real and significant. But for the Colts to make the playoffs, I think the defense has to step it up. This home game against the Texans will be a nice measure - have they adjusted...are they capable of stopping Arian Foster? Full transcript

Game 5: SportsNation's burning questions for Titans at Chargers

Ryan (San Diego)

Do you think Rivers has a shot at Dan Marino's record? Hopefully you say no because that means they actually might win some games

Football Scientist KC Joyner
KC Joyner

He does, but not if he doesn't keep a healthy set of pass catchers. That SD's offense is still operating at the level it is with all of these injuries says a ton about just how good Rivers is. Full transcript

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