What would be Kobe Bryant's ultimate revenge for all the attention lavished on LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat before they ever played a game together? Well, winning a third consecutive championship would be pretty good. But Bryant doesn't seem like the type to settle for merely good. And wouldn't the best revenge be matching or beating the record some people seemed to hand the Heat?

It's been 15 years since Michael Jordan and the Bulls won 72 games en route to the first of three consecutive titles. Logic says the Lakers are too wise (and too old) to invest much energy chasing a record that could cost them come playoff time. But sitting at 7-0 after Sunday's win against the Trail Blazers, might they go for it?

LakerFan (Los Angeles)

Lakers bench vastly improved can they win 65+ this year?

Ric Bucher
Ric Bucher

They should be in that neighborhood. The more important thing is that they sustain or build leads. The fewer grinding fourth quarter minutes Kobe has to play during the season, the better off they'll be in April-May-June. Full transcript

Kareem Scamahorn (LA/SD)

Could this be the best Laker team this generation has seen?

Andy Kamenetzky
Andy Kamenetzky

Kareem: I guess it depends on how one defines "generation," but if it's over the last 10 or so years, the case could certainly be made. With everyone at full strength, this is probably the deepest roster 1-9, and the chemistry on and off the court is terrific. When you factor in how relatively little time the core has spent together (beyond Kobe, LO and Fish), it's even more impressive. Full transcript

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