Say what you want about the city of Cleveland -- we've actually never been, but we hear parts of it are quite nice -- but they sure know how to be passionate about their sports.

The question tonight is whether or not LeBron James will bear the brunt of that passion. Much of it will manifest in booing -- if our polling is any indication, said booing will be long and sustained. Extra security has been hired for the whole event, the Heat are keeping their travel itinerary a secret, and the whole affair has the appearance of a public meeting between two powerful world leaders. What it actually is is an early-season meeting of two teams whose combined record is .500, but we understand where the hype comes from. The prodigal son doesn't always return home to cheers.

Rob (Los Angeles)

Who wins tonight? I say the Cavs blowout the Heat. They are going to be playing like this is the NBA Finals game 7.

Chad Ford
Chad Ford

I agree that you'll probably see the Cavs play the game of their lives and you could very well see LeBron stiffen up from the pressure. But there is a massive talent disparity between those two teams. Tough one. Doubt it's a blowout, but I probably favor the Cavs in the game. Full transcript

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