Vote: New York Jets at New England Patriots
1. Is Mark Sanchez a championship-caliber QB?
2. Which could would you rather play for?
3. What do the Jets' close wins mean?
4. More impressive comeback season?
5. Which team will win in New England?
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Vote: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens
1. Who has the edge at quarterback?
2. Which defense is better?
3. Which running back is having the better season?
4. Who do you NOT want to get hit by?
5. Which team will win in Baltimore?
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Vote: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1. Are Falcons Super Bowl contenders?
2. Which coach has the done best job?
3. How many NFC South teams in the playoffs?
4. Bigger surprise for the Buccaneers?
5. Which team will win in Tampa Bay?
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Vote: Dallas Cowboys at Indianapolis Colts
1. Who or what is to blame for Manning's INTs?
2. What does Jason Garrett need to do?
3. Are the Colts still Super Bowl contenders?
4. Which team's running game is worse?
5. Which team will win in Indianapolis?
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Vote: Washington Redskins at New York Giants
1. Which coach would you rather have?
2. Giants or Eagles more Super Bowl-ready?
3. Will Giants' offensive line play continue?
4. Will Donovan McNabb's past success help?
5. Which team will win in New Jersey?
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