Vote: New England Patriots at Chicago Bears
1. Impressed by Patriots' offense or Bears' defense?
2. Bill Belichick in 2010 or Mike Ditka in 1985?
3. Which backfield tandem is better?
4. Is Chicago a better sports town than Boston?
5. Which team will win in Chicago?
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Vote: New Orleans Saints at St. Louis Rams
1. Drew Brees' past or Sam Bradford's future?
2. Have the Saints turned the corner?
3. Is Steven Jackson slowing down?
4. Should a 7-9 division champ get in?
5. Which team will win in New Orleans?
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Vote: Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers
1. Which roster has more talent?
2. Who is the Chiefs' offensive MVP?
3. How good is Matt Cassel?
4. How good is the top-rated defense?
5. Which team will win in San Diego
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Vote: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets
1. Will Michael Vick regress as a passer?
2. Has Jason Garrett earned the job?
3. Is Kevin Kolb better than Tony Romo?
4. Would a Cowboys win be an upset?
5. Which team will win in New Jersey?
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Vote: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys
1. Which season is most on the line?
2. Which coach is better?
3. Can the Dolphins stick with Chad Henne?
4. Is Santonio Holmes' the best WR?
5. Which team will win in Arlington, Texas?
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Vote: Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans
1. Joe Flacco or Matt Schaub?
2. Would you take great offense over great defense?
3. Can Gary Kubiak save his job?
4. Arian Foster or Ray Rice's career?
5. Which team will win in Houston?
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