Before you answer the poll question below, turn off the heat wherever you are, pour a bucket of ice water over your head and then think about cheering for a team with Joe Webb at quarterback. All right, now we're in the right frame of mind. With wind chills in the single digits and six inches or more of snow expected, roughly 50,000 fans are going to sit outside for three or four hours to watch a Vikings team with no playoff hopes. We'll let the punters worry about player safety; we're worried about the fans. Would you sit outside for this?

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  • Mo (Chicago - North sider)

    Hey Mike, outside of a couple tweets from the MN punter, has anyone said anything about the field being "unplayable" in Minnesota tonight? Was that a ploy to get into the Bears' head?

    Michael Wilbon
    Michael Wilbon

    Hi Everybody ... this is the perfect place to start since I'm sitting here in snowy Minneapolis, where I've come to cover tonight's game for And it ain't toasty. It's about 25 degrees, snow falling like crazy ... word is 6 inches of new snow by gametime ... And yes, there's complaining about the condition of the field. One Vikings player, I think the punter, tweeted that he hopes there is no catastrophic injury, which seems a little extreme to suggest ... I'm going to wander over there before PTI and try to walk on the field myself (probably will get tossed out of the place) ... I can't imagine that with all the modern technology available that the NFL and the University of Minnesota couldn't come up with enough heat to thaw that field in the last five days ... I just can't believe it. But we'll find out shortly, won't we? Full transcript

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