The AFC West saw the usual power structure inverted somewhat, as the Chiefs finally broke through the Chargers' usual strangehold on the division. San Diego missed the playoffs after a late charge, and the Raiders and Broncos failed to make a real impact. What grade would you give each team in the AFC West? Cast your vote now!

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Denver Broncos

Josh McDaniels may have been fired, but at least one of his decisions could pay off, as Tim Tebow looks to be the Broncos' starter from now on.


Oakland Raiders

The Raiders showed some signs of improvement this year, but it wasn't enough for the team to bring back former coach Tom Cable for next season.


San Diego Chargers

The Chargers tend to be slow starters, but a 3-5 record at midseason proved too much for them to overcome this time around.


Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs actually had the second-worst division record in the AFC West, but they were nearly unbeatable at home and led the league in rushing yards.


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