The NFC West was its usual underwhelming self this season -- really, not much else needs to be said save for the fact that the top two teams in the division were both 7-9. The Seahawks ended up at the head of this motley crew, but that's not a terribly impressive accomplishment. What grade would you give each team in the NFC West? Cast your vote now!

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Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have struggled to find a decent quarterback since Kurt Warner retired. They didn't find the answer at QB this season.


San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco was the pick to win the NFC West in some circles, but their general haplessness led to Mike Singletary's in-season firing.


St. Louis Rams

The Rams were a "good" bad team in Sam Bra dford's first season -- a losing squad that showed flashes of excellence.


Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks were a much different team at home than on the road -- 5-3 as opposed to 2-6. Not great, but enough to win the NFC West.


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