Ignore for a second that the Seahawks have zero Pro Bowlers. Cast aside their regular-season record of 7-9. Overlook the fact that their uniforms are honestly a little ugly. On Saturday, they beat the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints and advanced to the next round of the playoffs.

We're not going to call this the greatest upset of all time, but it's got to be in the conversation. It definitely had one of the greatest runs of all time, as Marshawn Lynch delivered a 67-yard run that left Saints defenders cast about like bowling pins. We saw one YouTube dub that compared Lynch's run to acquiring an invincibility star in Super Mario Brothers. In a coming weekend that features two big-time rivalry matchups (Jets-Patriots, Ravens-Steelers) and one exciting contest of young teams (Packers-Falcons), it seems like Seahawks-Bears actually has a good chance to provide the most excitement.

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