Carmelo Anthony's name has been attached to more teams this season than we can count -- we even heard a brief rumor that he'd be the next striker for Manchester United (note: rumor may or may not be total lie). Now, it seems like there's a final destination for the iconic Denver forward -- the New Jersey Nets. Everything is in place for the massive 15-player trade, which also involves the Detroit Pistons. Everything, that is, except Anthony's approval.

The Nets don't want to trade for Anthony if he bolts at the end of the season -- their plan may be to build around Anthony, potentially adding Chris Paul once he becomes a free agent as well. Anthony's preference is supposedly to be traded to the New York Knicks, but will visions of Paul feeding him assist after assist sway his opinion at all?

Cameron (Galesburg, IL)

If the Nets can pull off the Melo deal and get Anthony, Billups, and Hamilton do you see any chance of them getting the 8th seed?

Chad Ford
Chad Ford

Yes, because of the weakness of the rest of the East. Top 5 in the East are pretty strong, and the Knicks look like a lock for the 6th seed. After that it's wide open and the Nets would be in that mix. But do you go through all of this trouble for a quick first round exit? Will it get much better in 2011-12? Heat, Magic, Bulls, Celtics and possibly Hawks and Knicks look like better teams. In summer of 2012 ... Nets won't have a ton of space because of Brook Lopez's cap hold ... so how, exactly do they land Chris Paul. In other words, Melo will add excitement, but I don't see him delivering a title to the Nets. Full transcript

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