Do you realize how hard it was for us to resist the temptation to make a "Nyets" joke here? We were all primed and ready to go, in the event that this Carmelo Anthony trade fell through. It was going to be perfect, really. But hey, Chris Sheridan got to it first, so we'll cede this round of cleverness to him.

Anyway, for the time being, Carmelo to the Nets is a no-go. The Nuggets seem to have an awful lot of trouble trading him, although it seems to have less to do with Carmelo himself than the package they'd like to get for him. The Knicks would be a good fit, but they don't seem to have the pieces in place. Will any team pony up enough to take Carmelo off the Nuggets' hands?

Emanuel (MI)

When can we expect the end to this Carmelo-Drama?

Chad Ford
chad ford

I'm thinking around 2015. Really it's tough to say and even the teams involved don't seem to have a great handle on it. One source told me yesterday that it's looking more and more likely that this thing drags out all the way to the deadline ... but trade talks are fluid. There has been a couple of times when the Nets thought it was close to happening. But as it stood late yesterday ... we may be hearing about this for a few more weeks.Full transcript

Matt (Indy)

One thing I don't get in all this Melo trade talk is why the whole issue of signing an extension right now is so important...? I know it's not set in stone yet, but I thought the new CBA was going to reduce/adjust the current contracts to fit the new parameters of whatever agreement they come to...Am I wrong or is everybody just overlooking this in an effort to conjure up more twists and turns to this plot?

Chad Ford
chad ford

It's true owners are looking at that ... but even most league execs think it's farfetched that owners will get a rollback in salaries and years on existing contracts. However, we are very likely to see max thresholds and the number of years a player can sign a contract for reduced. It's hard to fathom any way Carmelo gets a better deal next summer than he's getting right now. But I think there's a bigger worry in Carmelo's camp. Two league execs told me on Tuesday that they believe the owners are going to push hard for an NFL-style franchise tag system that allows teams to prohibit one player on their team from moving ... basically in an effort to avoid all of these high-profile players from colluding together. If that happens, Denver can just slap a franchise tag on Carmelo and keep him. With so much uncertainty going on right now ... you can understand the desire to get a deal done. Full transcript

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