It's safe to assume most Bears fans didn't wake up Sunday morning thinking Caleb Hanie would hold their quality of life for the next few weeks in his hands that afternoon against the Packers. It might be safe to assume a decent percentage of Bears fans woke up Sunday unaware there was a guy named "Caleb" on the roster.

But when Jay Cutler left with a knee injury in the third quarter (and Todd Collins bombed in a brief appearance), Hanie took the field and a lot of notable football folks took to Twitter to question the nature of Cutler's exit.

Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher stuck up for Cutler after the game, and an MRI may give the quarterback all the proof he needs to fend off charges of quitting. But would quitting under the pressure of the moment be a bigger sports sin than quitting because you didn't get a play called, as Scottie Pippen demonstrated in another memorable Chicago moment?

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