Which team is most likable?

Maybe none of them is your team, but when it comes to the Cowboys, Packers and Steelers, which team do you have the best opinion of?


Which team is least likable?

Does being "America's Team" require that you're universally loved, or at least universally liked? If so, the loser here is presumably out of the running.


Which team has the best fans?

Packers fans have their headgear. Steelers fans have their towels. And Cowboys fans, well, they have 100,000 peers for every home game.


Which team has the richest history?

If you're talking titles, the Packers lead the way. But the Steelers own the most Super Bowl wins, while the Cowboys have the most appearances.


Which team has America's stadium?

If you want to be "America's Team" you need to have a house the country wants to visit, right? Which team's stadium do you most want to see?


Which team is America's Team?

All right, enough of the qualifications. We can debate the merits from now until kickoff Sunday, but which team is really the nation's team?


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