Things just went from bad to worse for Buckeye Nation. With Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel resigning amid a scandal of not-so-epic proportions, the 2011 season forecast grew significantly more cloudy. But before Tressel can even get out of town, speculation is running rampant that Urban Meyer will spend this season working for ESPN and getting mentally ready to take over the program in 2012. How surprised are you by this recent turn of events, and what will Tressel's long-term legacy be in Columbus?

Impact of scandal?

The timing of Tressel's resignation leaves the 2011 season in jeopardy, but if the right coach comes in, perhaps the Buckeyes can move on quickly?


Where does the job rank?

There are jobs in college football that almost any coach at any school would salivate over. Is Ohio State one of those jobs?


Surprised at resignation?

Buckeyes athletic director Gene Smith had recently offered his support for Tressel, but in the end it made no difference to Tressel's future.


Calling Urban Meyer?

Urban Meyer will spend the 2011 season working for ESPN as an analyst and a lot of time not commenting on the Ohio State opening.


Is lying worse than quitting?

Jim Tressel wasn't forthcoming about what he knew regarding players selling memorabilia, but was that worse than resigning when he did?


Hurry up and wait?

The general wisdom seems to be to wait it out and focus on 2012 for a national coaching search, but is that acceptable at a powerhouse like Ohio State?


How will you remember Tressel?

Jim Tressel will leave Columbus with his tail between his legs, but that won't change the fact that he won a national championship in 2002.


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