We assume there will still be football this fall for Ohio State, beginning with a home game against Akron the first Saturday in September. We know Terrelle Pryor won't play in that game, and we think we know Luke Fickell will coach it. But with a schedule that includes trips to Miami, new Big Ten rival Nebraska and old rival Michigan, how will things go?

Will Terrelle Pryor play again?

Ohio State knows it won't have the quarterback for the first four games, but with new allegations surfacing, could Pryor be done in Columbus?


The toughest audition ever?

Ohio State is one of the most recognizable names in sports. Luke Fickell is not. But does the team's interim coach have a fighting chance to stay on?


Who is the dream hire?

If Fickell turns out to be an interim solution, count on plenty of Urban Meyer rumors. But might fellow Ohio product Jon Gruden be a better fit?


What about other options?

Names of other potential replacements are circulating. Would former Ohio State player Bo Pelini be a fit in Columbus?


Ohio State or Southern Cal?

Ohio State is not yet in the same boat as USC when it comes to NCAA sanctions, but whatever happens, which has a brighter future?


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