Plaxico Burress gets out of jail Monday (can you imagine how long Sunday is going to feel to him?) after serving a two-year sentence on weapons charges. He won't have a home waiting for him with his old team, however, as Brandon Jacobs for one indicated that (though he'd like for Burress to return), there is "no chance" that he would become a Giant anytime soon. Burress was a dominant force at wide receiver, but it could be that time in prison has dulled his once dagger-sharp skills. Would you want him on your team?

Plaxico on your team?

The Giants are probably out of the running for Burress' services. Would you want your team to pick him up?


Will Burress be rusty?

Football is a sport that requires constant practice and attention to detail. Burress may be free of any lingering injuries, but how rusty will he be when he comes back?


Is Vick the model?

Concerns about Michael Vick's ability to return to professional football were quickly allayed after his near-MVP 2010-11 season. Is he a unique case?


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