What should the Cavaliers do?

The Cavaliers are definitely taking Kyrie Irving with the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft. Unless they aren't. Reports still differ on how set in stone the pick is, but what should the team do?


Why not Irving?

Irving averaged 17.5 points and shot the ball well in admittedly limited action for Duke. He doesn't seem to come with any obvious character baggage, and he's not exactly carrying Bartolo Colon's physique. So why the uncertainty?


Where does Williams fit?

We just watched a tall German with a great outside shot and traits that defied a simple positional label win a championship, but where does Williams fit in an NBA lineup?


Who is the safer pick?

Irving played 11 college games, while Williams spent two seasons on the court at Arizona, but do size and experience make the latter a safer pick?


Could they really do it again?

Who needs another point guard when you have Jonny Flynn? But even with Flynn already in uniform and Ricky Rubio arriving, could the Timberwolves go point guard again?


Who gets the point?

A league with stars like Chris Paul and Derrick Rose is also a league in which J.J. Barea and Mario Chalmers met in the NBA Finals. But when it comes to the potential point guards in this draft, who is the best bet?


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