What does your gut say?

Commissioner David Stern and union boss Billy Hunter failed to reach an agreement and now the NBA joins the NFL in the land of the lockout.


Who is right about the cap?

Players want the current soft cap. Andrew Brandt describes the owners' proposal as, "[T]he basic idea is that the flex cap is similar to the current system but incorporates a firm upper limit (and thereby eliminates the luxury tax)."


Who is right about contracts?

From Brandt, "Owners are proposing a maximum contract length of three years for players signing with new teams (reduced from five today) and four years for players remaining with their current teams (down from six today)."


Who is right about the age limit?

From Brandt, "Players want to revert back to the pre-2005 rules, where players only had to be 18 years old to declare for the draft. As of now, they must be 19 years old and one year removed from high school graduation."


Which party has high ground?

All right, high ground might be a relative term. But even if you're fed up with the whole bunch, which party in the two ongoing labor situations has the most legitimate gripes?


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