Shaquille O'Neal gave fans a preview of what he might be like as an NBA analyst yesterday in an answer to a question about the Miami Heat. Shaq referred to the Heat as posessing a "Big 2," conveniently omitting Chris Bosh from the ranks of Heat superstars. Bosh-bashing is somewhat passe these days in NBA circles, especially considering that he performed reasonably well during the NBA Finals, but Shaq's flavor of criticism-by-omission is a bit of a twist -- he doesn't even consider Bosh in the conversation. What's your take?

Did Shaq have a point?

The Heat were billed as the Big Three, but how accurate is that label after their first season as a unit?


Bosh on your team?

Rumors about Bosh not finishing out his contract with the Heat came up from time to time during the 2010-11 regular season. Would you take a chance on him thriving outside of Miami?


Champs with Bosh?

LeBron James promised that the new-look Heat would win multiple championships, but so far, this prediction looks premature.


Fair criticism?

Shaq's critique was fairly gentle by media standards, but it's not a new thing to pile on Chris Bosh.


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