This is not the Atlanta Flames moving to Calgary, the Atlanta Thrashers moving to Winnipeg or any other team fleeing from Georgia. Only five franchises own more Stanley Cup titles than the New York Islanders, who won their four with Nassau Coliseum as home port. But after area voters rejected a plan to borrow $400 million for a new arena, the future of the franchise beyond its current lease, set to expire in 2015, appears to be in doubt.

Do the Islanders need a new place?

Nassau Coliseum has been the Islanders' home since both came to be. Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie and Julius Erving all starred there. In other words, it's kind of old. But is a new home crucial?


Would you open your wallet?

Taxpayers on Long Island weren't eager to add to their own burden. If it was your team's future in peril, what would you mark on the ballot?


Dark day for the NHL?

Is Long Island a lost market, or would losing the home of Mike Bossy, Denis Potvin and more be a major hit for professional hockey?


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