What are the best touchdown plays ever in college football from each yard marker? Our analysts have come up with the most amazing scores from 1 yard to 99 yards, but we're giving you the chance to vote on two of the most controversial selections. From 8 yards out, do you favor Montana-to-Haines in the 1979 Cotton Bowl, or Vince Young's winning scramble in the 2006 BCS title game? From 64 yards out, was Kordell Stewart's 1994 Hail Mary to beat Michigan better than O.J. Simpson's Game of the Century run?

Montana or Young?

Montana's pass capped a big comeback, but Young's run was almost cinematic in its dramatic appropriateness.


Stewart or Simpson?

Stewart beat Michigan in the Big House in devastating fashion, while Simpson's run showcased his future as a star back in the NFL.


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