Not since Judge Smails was involved have caddies figured this prominently in popular culture. Two days after the fact, Steve Williams' win in the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational is still generating opinions -- in large part because Williams claimed it as his win rather than defer all credit to Adam Scott, the guy who hit the shots. Did Williams overstep his bounds?

Does Williams deserve the backlash?

Other golfers tweeted criticism, columnists used far more than 140 characters to weigh in and experts took to television and radio on Monday to dissect Williams' words.


When did he step out of bounds?

To recap, Williams called the experience the "greatest week of my life caddying" and opined that he had "never had a bigger win."


Can you steal what doesn't exist?

One popular complaint is that Williams stole the limelight from Scott. WGC events are significant, but would we really have been talking about Scott's win without the controversy?


Caddie or tire changer?

The guys changing the tires on Jimmie Johnson's car probably get the edge in more hazardous work environment, but is a member of a pit crew more valuable than a caddie?


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