As if Bills and Bengals fans don't have enough reasons to be depressed, now they can go to sleep at night knowing they might have had quarterback Michael Vick if not for some nudging from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Vick says he viewed both teams as better options than the Eagles but was convinced otherwise by the NFL. Whether Vick would have flourished in either location the same way he did in Philadelphia is unknown, but we're sure fans of both teams would have liked to find out. That aside, do you believe the NFL did something wrong?

Is this what "collusion" means?

Michael Vick says the NFL played a role in getting him to sign with the Eagles. Was it a shrewd move by the NFL or something much less sinister?


Revisionist history?

Michael Vick says in 2009 he saw the Bengals and Bills as better landing spots than the Donovan McNabb-led Eagles. Would you have agreed?


Vick's approval rating?

Michael Vick understands some people still hold a grudge. "There may still be masses of people who feel that way. Just don't put it in my face. Because I will take the initiative to put it back in your face."


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