It's never a good thing when a goodwill game ends in a brawl. The Georgetown Hoyas found that out in a big way on Thursday, fighting with the Bayi Rockets during their goodwill basketball tour of China. Players were hit by chairs, dodged thrown water bottles and were eventually pulled off the court by their coach, John Thompson III. Is this a significant event, or is it just a small hiccup in a long and successful exhibition program?

Is this a big deal?

Representatives from the two teams met and exchanged handshakes and other pleasantries, so this incident could simply be confined to the game itself.


Just a big misunderstanding?

The Hoyas were briefed by the State Department on what to expect during their overseas trip, but heated exchanges on the court probably weren't in the presentation.


Are exhibitions a good idea?

Georgetown has a pretty significant history of playing exhibitions overseas, but is the quality of play worthy of the time, money, travel and energy needed to participate?


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