We're not shocked there was video this week of a baseball player in the field not paying attention during a pitch. We are a little surprised the scene played out in Wrigley Field instead of Williamsport, Pa., and the Little League World Series. After taking plays off Sunday, Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro got the day off Monday. Is he trying to out-Zambrano Carlos Zambrano as a talented headache in the Windy City?

Is Starlin Castro part of the problem?

Castro is 21 years old and already has 300 hits, but was Sunday's display evidence he may not be part of changing the culture in Chicago?


When watching is a bad thing?

Is Castro standing and not watching worse than Hanely Ramirez jogging as he watched the progress of a ball he kicked into the outfield last season?


Argument for a second season?

It was Cubs manager Mike Quade who called Monday a "mental day off" rather than a benching. Is the rookie manager in over his head or doing the best he can with a tough gig?


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