As if college football teams don't have enough on their minds at this of year, Iowa and Iowa State are less than a month away from their annual rivalry game and don't know what they're playing for on Sept. 10 in Ames. The humanity! The old Cy-Hawk Trophy was scrapped after last season, but the new version, seen here, didn't exactly meet with rave reviews from Iowans wondering if someone ordered it off a late-night infomercial. Might we suggest a statue of some fried butter?

What does your inner art critic say?

The depiction of a farmer, his family and their corn apparently struck some people as, well, having little to do with football.


Where should they look for advice?

This is Floyd of Rosedale. Floyd is a bronze pig. We'll leave it to fans of Iowa and Minnesota to explain why their teams play for it.


Where can they find inspiration?

Among fun facts about the state that don't involve baseball players walking through corn: Iowa is the only state that begins with two vowels.


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