Texas A&M has been flirting with leaving the Big 12 for a while now, but an early report that suggested it sent a letter of intent to withdraw from its home conference has been denied by the Aggies. SportsNation already determined that the Aggies need the Big 12 a lot less than the Big 12 needs the Aggies, but would Texas A&M leaving the conference hurt more than losing Colorado or Nebraska?

Big 12 or SEC?

It might be a foregone conclusion to some, but A&M still hasn't officially taken the plunge. Could it be reconsidering its earlier intentions?


Handling the SEC?

The Big 12 is a marquee conference, but the SEC defines football-mad; nearly every team is laden with NFL talent and committed to winning.


Time running out?

The Big 12 would be down to nine teams if A&M leaves, which would put its future as a major college athletic conference in jeopardy. Nebraska and Colorado already left, but would A&M leaving be the death knell?


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