At least the Jaguars didn't let David Garrard actually put on his uniform Sunday before cutting him. Just two days before the start of the regular season, and five days before their opener against the Titans, the Jaguars surprised many by releasing Garrard and handing the starting job to Luke McCown. Does Garrard have a brighter future than Jack Del Rio?

What would you have done?

The Jaguars owed Garrard $9 million this year and apparently felt that money could be put to better use elsewhere. Like moving boxes, perhaps.


Jack Del Rio or David Garrard?

Del Rio seems to have a permanent place on the hot seat, but is his former quarterback a better bet for employment a year from now?


Is Blaine Gabbert the future?

Luke McCown gets the starting job for now in Jacksonville, but is the future in sure hands with first-round pick Blaine Gabbert (above).


Is this just the first domino?

The timing may make it difficult for Garrard to win any starting jobs, but is he better than Rex Grossman or some of the starters currently in possession of that label?


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