Remember when the NFL really wanted to cut down on the number of kickoff returns this season? Yeeeeaahhh ... about that ... it doesn't really seem to be working. We're not sure about the total number of returns compared to last year, but returners are almost making a point of taking kickoffs out of the end zone, even if they're all the way at the back. Randall Cobb already tied the longest return ever on Thursday, and players like Ted Ginn and Percy Harvin both have returns of more than 100 yards already. Did the NFL's efforts fail?

Start of a trend?

We could be seeing more and more returners take kicks out of the end zone this season. Or it could just be a single-game fluke, and there could be fewer and fewer returners taking a chance.


Anecdotal evidence?

We haven't seen any advanced stats yet suggesting that receivers are taking more risks, but it sure seems that way. Do you agree, or are our eyes deceiving us?


Which returner?

Randall Cobb tied a return record, but both Ted Ginn and Percy Harvin have more established résumés. Considered purely as returners, it might be a difficult choice between the three of them.


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