Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees got things started with a bang. Cam Newton spiced up Sunday. But Tom Brady used "Monday Night Football" to remind all challengers to the throne that they need to go through him. After opening his 11th season with 517 passing yards and four touchdowns against the Dolphins, how close is Brady to all-time bragging rights?

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Is Tom Brady chasing down No. 1?

Maybe you think Joe Montana holds the unofficial title of best ever. Maybe you go for Dan Marino. Or maybe you think Tom Brady is already there.


Who gets the most credit?

With Tom Brady looking on from the bench as a rookie, the Patriots went 5-11 in Bill Belichick's first season. It's safe to say things got better for both men.


How should Patriots fans feel?

We know Brady is an all-time great, but is his demonstrating that a bigger deal than the Patriots making Chad Henne look like a legend?


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