Jerry Jones said Tony Romo's performance against the Jets in Week 1 marked one of the best performances the owner had seen out of his quarterback. Considering two late Romo turnovers greatly aided the Jets' comeback in a 27-24 win, that begs the question of how many times Jones has watched Romo play. But cheap shots aside, does Jones have a point about Romo's overall play?

The answer or the problem?

Few jobs come with more pressure than starting at quarterback for the Cowboys. Is Romo up to the challenge?


Does Tony Romo get treated fairly?

Does wearing the Cowboys uniform guarantee Tony Romo more praise than he deserves, more criticism or something in the middle?


What if there were an alternative?

Romo got Jones' vote of confidence, and the Bengals don't seem inclined to do anything with Carson Palmer, but what about a hypothetical?


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