The Detroit Lions won more than five games in a season just three times in the past decade. After improving to 5-0 this season with a 24-13 win against the Bears, they've got more than two months to add to that total. But forget small progress. With expectations soaring, are the Lions legitimate Super Bowl contenders? More: Submit your NFL Power Rankings

Are you sold on the Lions?

The Lions are 5-0, but it's starting to look like they could go 14-2 and still lose the division to the Packers. Between a tough division and their own inexperience, are they contenders?


Who is the real cornerstone?

Ndamukong Suh didn't have a sack in Monday's game, but ask Jay Cutler how solid of a cornerstone the defensive tackle is for the Lions.


Is Calvin Johnson the defining talent?

The NFC North has the league's two remaining unbeaten teams. It also has four unique talents. Does "Megatron" fit that category best of all?


Should Randy Moss be worried?

Randy Moss holds the single-season record with 23 touchdown catches. Moss and Jerry Rice (22) are the only receivers to break 20. Johnson has nine in five games.


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