Sure, there is the small matter of a spot in the World Series on the line as Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder trade home runs in the NLCS, but there's also the big matter of impending free agency. Or at least the matter of big money in free agency. Pujols won the day in Game 2 with five RBIs, but who is the prize this winter?

Who is a bigger prize this winter?

Pujols has a better track record, but is that exactly why the younger model of slugger may be preferred?


Who is better right now?

Pujols is hitting .414 with a 1.176 OPS, one home run and six RBIs this postseason. Fielder is hitting .333 with a 1.300 OPS, three homers and six RBIs.


What does the future hold?

Fielder recently acknowledged this is likely his final season with the Brewers, but would a change of heart surprise you more than a change of scenery for Pujols?


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