The Houston Texans suffered two huge losses on Sunday. After nearly coming back against the inspired Oakland Raiders, only to lose on an interception in the end zone in the final seconds, they received the news that star LB Mario Williams will be out indefinitely with a torn pectoral muscle. The Texans have been hampered by injuries to their star players this year. WR Andre Johnson will likely miss Sunday's game against the Ravens, and RB Arian Foster is suffering through hamstring problems. But is Williams' exit the death knell for Houston's shaky playoff chances?

Has Williams lived up to his pick?

The Texans faced a lot of criticism after selecting Williams over Reggie Bush in the 2006 NFL draft. Five years later, Williams is the cornerstone of the Texans' defense, while Bush isn't even a primary back anymore.


Which player is the most fearsome?

Though offenses have been performing at record levels so far, it's still possible for big-time defensive players to make an impact. Ndamukong Suh has been showing people how it's done so far, but is he more dominant than Williams?


Johnson, Schaub or Williams?

Williams is part of a starring trio that has carried the Texans to a 3-2 (and nearly 4-1) record in their first five games. QB Matt Schaub will be around next week, but both Williams and Andre Johnson will probably be out.


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