The Tim Tebow experience is a complicated one. His supporters will tell you that he "Just Wins Games," much like he just won Sunday night's game against the Dolphins. His detractors will point out that the Dolphins are an awful team, Tebow completed less than 50 percent of his passes and, really, attributing the comeback only to him is inaccurate. The fact remains that Tebow is still the Broncos' starting quarterback, and they did end up winning Sunday, even if it was only just barely.

Was the comeback all Tebow's?

Tebow showed a great deal of guts during the Broncos' comeback, but the Dolphins did a lot of strange things to put him in that position -- going for two points when it wasn't totally necessary, using a prevent defense, etc.


Is Tebow a legit starter?

There are certainly worse quarterbacks than Tim Tebow in the league, but that doesn't mean he should necessarily be a starter. Tebow's raw numbers are still questionable, despite his charisma.


Rooting to lose?

Some Miami fans cheered the loss, hoping to get a No. 1 draft pick to select Andrew Luck and hopefully end their longtime search for a franchise quarterback.


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