Football is an abundantly strange sport sometimes. You can hit another man as hard as you can, committing what would reasonably be considered assault in most any other circumstance, and people will praise you for it. If you hurt that same guy's feelings, though? That's when people will start to complain. That seems to be the crux of this situation with Ndamukong Suh and Cliff Avril supposedly taunting Matt Ryan after Ryan was injured by one of his own players. Suh is firing back, saying that Ryan's injury was karma for the Falcons' own dirty play. Is anyone in the right here?

Is Suh a dirty player?

Ndamukong Suh is quickly acquiring a reputation as a man who takes certain liberties with the health and safety of opposing players -- he hits hard, hits often and isn't above going for the head.


Part of the job?

"The man's sitting on the ground. We've obviously continued to do our job, getting to him, causing havoc. ... At that time, when he's on the ground, there's nothing that I have to say to him. We've done our job, we've been in his face, we've caused him to go down, we've caused his offensive lineman to hurt him." -- Ndamukong Suh


What's your take on taunting?

Trash talk happens all the time on the playing field -- certain players are famed for their ability to get inside an opponent's head. Does it cross a line when there's an injury involved?


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