One has to wonder whether Terrell Owens' shirtless free-agent workout will become something of an annual ritual, akin to what the Brett Favre retirement vacillation was for the past few years. Owens' workout was attended by zero NFL teams, but as you can see above, the footage is available to whoever would like to watch it. Owens had 983 yards and nine touchdowns last season, but his torn ACL is obviously still a concern for potential employers.

Would you want Owens?

There's a good chance that Owens can still be a legitimate deep threat in the NFL, and his body of work is second to very few receivers in football history.


Owens' legacy?

When you have Terrell Owens on your team, you don't just have a star receiver -- you have a media personality whose presence on a team can be overwhelming.


Best ever?

Jerry Rice is the consensus No. 1, but the NFL may have lost two of its all-time greatest receivers this season, with Randy Moss having retired and Terrell Owens not looking like he'll latch on with a team anytime soon.


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